Founded in 2012 out of a garage in Ocean Beach, California, Bradley Mountain has grown from a single product to a massive catalog of Americana-inspired products. With a mission to inspire a fresh perspective on modern adventure travel, Bradley Mountain has leveraged Instagram’s organic reach to create a powerful story around the brand.

Project Scope

Bradley Mountain partnered with ATTN Agency in early 2019 to manage its Google, Facebook and Instagram paid advertising. ATTN Agency was tasked with putting together a comprehensive marketing strategy focusing on two core objectives; acquire new customers as fast as possible and maximize return on ad spend.

Goal 1: Maximize Return on Ad Spend

Prior to partnering with ATTN Agency, Bradley Mountain’s performance marketing efforts were limited to past customer remarketing and organic growth through social media exposure. To achieve Bradley Mountain’s goals, ATTN Agency,

  • deployed single keyword ad group search campaigns (“SKAG”) with high intent product-centric search terms resulting in a 32x ROAS.
  • created deep audience segmentation and leveraged in-market and affinity audiences, achieving a 4.15x ROAS across prospecting and remarketing display campaigns.
  • launched segmented shopping campaigns to focus ad spend on high-margin MVP products.
  • optimized a supplemental merchant feed to identify and drive high-intent traffic based on key product feature attributes in shopping campaigns without impacting the brand site.

Goal 2: Focus on New Customer Acquisition

To focus on new customers, ATTN activated new audience definitions to isolate pre-purchasers from past converters. ATTN also used Bradley Mountain’s organic traffic to create similar audiences and lookalike audiences that could be leaned into as high-probability prospects.

This allowed ATTN to create pure prospecting campaigns across each campaign type, focusing paid media efforts on acquiring new customers for the brand to build a relationship with.

ATTN also created additional retargeting audiences to remarket to site visitors who had not yet converted. ATTN’s prospecting strategy allowed for Bradley Mountain to achieve an ambitious cost per new customer acquisition and resulting in 26% year over year revenue growth.

Key Methodologies:

ATTN Agency implemented a Single Keyword Ad Group (“SKAG”) and Single Product Ad Group (“SPAG”) structure to control key performance indicators – including CPC, CPA, and ROAS – at the most granular level. ATTN Agency also created Customer Audiences around site visitors who visited within Bradley Mountain’s “Conversion Time Lag” (the period of time that most visitors convert to customers). This strategy allowed ATTN Agency to build highly effective prospecting and remarketing campaigns to capture ready-to-purchase audiences.

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