Founded in 2012, HYLETE is a cutting-edge, performance-driven, cross-training apparel company operating as an online-only retailer. This unique strategy allows HYLETE to control brand voice; efficiently manage their costs, pricing, and offer deeper discounts; and test and bring new products to market quickly.

In early 2019, HYLETE partnered with ATTN Agency to manage its paid advertising channels. ATTN Agency was tasked with putting together a marketing strategy with two core objectives; maximizing return on ad spend and lowering customer cost per acquisition while focusing on new customer activations.

After a preliminary audit, ATTN quickly determined that HYLETE was using Google Ads primarily as a remarketing and LTV tool, focusing on branded search campaigns, with limited prospecting. The existing strategy allowed for immediate campaign-level optimizations and account-level expansions.

In the first six months of ATTN Agency’s management, HYLETE increased its Google Ads spend by 700% while maintaining an 8.2x ROAS.

Prior to partnering with ATTN Agency, HYLETE’s Google Ads strategy was centered on brand-search and shopping. To achieve HYLETE’s goals, ATTN Agency,

  • nearly doubled the ROAS of HYLETE’s brand campaigns from 109x to 209x by segmenting search into single keyword ad groups, allowing for deeper bid optimizations; separating product by brand campaigns by gender; sending customers to search term-associated product listing and detail pages; and expanding targeted keyword lists.
  • created deep audience segmentation and leveraged in-market and affinity audiences, achieving a 4.85x ROAS across prospecting and remarketing display campaigns, with a high of 10.21x using last-click only conversion attribution.
  • launched segmented shopping campaigns, to isolate brand from non-brand terms, focus on MVP products, and segment gender. ATTN also created a supplemental feed to help optimize product feature attributes in shopping campaigns without impacting the brand site.

Goal 2: Focus on New Customer Acquisition

To focus on new customers, ATTN activated new audience definitions to isolate pre-purchasers from past converters. This allowed ATTN to create pure prospecting campaigns across each campaign type, focusing paid media efforts on acquiring new customers for the brand to build a relationship with.

ATTN also created additional retargeting audiences to remarket to site visitors who had not yet converted. ATTN’s prospecting strategy allowed for HYLETE to achieve an ambitious cost per new customer acquisition.

Key Methodologies:

ATTN Agency implemented a Single Keyword Ad Group (“SKAG”) keyword structure to control key performance indicators – including CPC and CPA – at the most granular level. ATTN Agency also created Customer Audiences around site visitors who visited within HYLETE’s “Conversion Time Lag” (the period of time that most visitors convert to customers). This strategy allowed ATTN Agency to build highly effective prospecting and remarketing campaigns to capture ready-to-purchase audiences.

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