InstaNatural began as a small business in Florida with a mission to create natural and effective skin care products. They have grown into a major skin care company dedicated to educating and inspiring consumers about the strength in natural ingredients by showing the world how powerful and effective clean and natural beauty products can be.

What makes InstaNatural’s eCommerce experience unique is that they have built their core business through Amazon, becoming one of Amazon’s highest ranked skin care companies, and expanded into brand-owned assets.

Project Scope

When InstaNatural partnered with ATTN Agency, InstaNatural was managing most of their PPC in-house. While they were making strides with Amazon and Facebook advertising, their paid search and shopping campaigns were lacking the desired growth. ATTN was tasked with creating a PPC strategy that allowed InstaNatural to scale while achieving an ambitious ROAS.

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Goal 1: Develop Paid Search Strategy

Prior to joining ATTN Agency, most of the paid advertising strategy was focused on growing sales through Amazon. Text campaigns in Google Ads weren’t segmented by branded terms, by product, by device, nor were Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) being leveraged to segment ad creatives for different stages of the purchase funnel. ATTN Agency quickly built out segmented brand and non-brand search campaigns to attract new customers, create strong brand protection, and grow the annualized revenue of InstaNatural’s customer base.

Within 60 days of partnering with ATTN Agency, InstaNatural saw a 400% revenue lift in their text ad campaigns.

Goal 2: Increase Sales Attributable to Shopping Prospecting Campaigns

With Google Shopping campaigns, the ability to control search terms is limited. Google Shopping delivers as a hybrid SEO and SEM ad unit, using meta data from the client website and Merchant Center to determine what search terms products listings should show for.

ATTN Agency rebuilt the Google Shopping campaign structure by isolating products into SPAG’s (Single Product Ad Groups), adding the appropriate negative search terms to restrict competing with existing shopping channels, and creating a supplemental feed in the Merchant Center to isolate delivery of the PLA’s to the right product searches.

Within 30 days of partnering with ATTN Agency, InstaNatural’s prospecting Shopping Campaigns achieved a 2.5x ROAS while scaling the the monthly budget threefold.

Additional Methodologies:

ATTN Agency created Customer Audiences around site visitors who had not purchased and past purchasers, to create dynamic remarketing campaigns around pre-purchase and post-purchase audiences.

This structure allowed InstaNatural to recapture lost revenue potential, and to grow annualized customer value.

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