Kicksta’s origin story began as a small tech company in San Diego, California with a mission to help influencers and brands grow their reach and engagement on Instagram. With a powerful and proven social-growth system, Kicksta began working with major brands, including eCommerce giants Original Grain and Vincero Watches, fashion boutique Arcana, and social influencer Kristi Eide.

What makes Kicksta’s customer experience unique is that they have built their business on the idea of increasing reach through optimizing automated social engagement, maintaining quality of their customers followers and avoiding bot traffic.

Project Scope

When Kicksta partnered with ATTN Agency, Kicksta’s paid Google Ads campaigns were not hitting their benchmarks for growth, reach and target CPA. ATTN Agency was tasked with creating a PPC strategy that allowed Kicksta to scale while achieving an ambitious cost per new customer acquisition.

Goal 1: Decrease Average Cost Per Acquisition Below $100

Prior to joining ATTN Agency, Kicksta’s search campaigns in Google Ads lacked segmentation by geography, intent, and by brand or non-brand. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) were also not being leveraged to segment ad creatives for different stages of the purchase funnel. ATTN Agency quickly built out segmented campaigns and audiences, along with new ad units.

By creating proper segmentation, ATTN Agency was able to quickly define which geographies, keywords, and ad assets were driving conversions, and focus ad spend and search volume towards those assets.

ATTN also focused display and video advertising to remarketing audiences during strictly defined time periods, driving further brand awareness, and increasing the average conversion rate.

Within 90 days of partnering with ATTN Agency, Kicksta saw saw their average Cost per Acquisition drop 58% from $190 to $80 per new customer acquisition.

Goal 2: Increase Prospecting Reach by Scaling Ad Spend

Kicksta’s secondary goal was to increase their marketshare by expanding their reach through ad spend, without sacrificing their primary goal of decreasing their target Cost Per Acquisition.

Within 60 days of partnering with ATTN Agency, Kicksta’s prospecting search campaigns decreased average cost per click by 46%, increased average click through rate from 2% to 10%, while doubling ad spend.

Key Methodologies:

ATTN Agency implemented a Single Keyword Ad Group (“SKAG”) keyword structure to control key performance indicators – including CPC and CPA – at the most granular level. ATTN Agency also created Customer Audiences around site visitors who visited within Kicksta’s “Conversion Time Lag” (the period of time that most visitors convert to customers). This strategy allowed ATTN Agency to build highly effective display and search remarketing campaigns to recapture highly convertible audiences.

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