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9 Alternative Discounts To Avoid Becoming a Discount Brand

Justin Buckley

4 min read

If you’re looking to find ways to offer alternative discounts in order to avoid being seen as a “discount brand,” there are plenty of effective ways to do this. Here are a few options to allow your customers to get the deals they want while still maintaining your image as a high-quality brand.

1 – BOGO (Buy One Get One of the Same)

Many customers love BOGO deals. It incentivizes them to make the purchase in the first place where they might not do so otherwise, but it also makes them feel like they are getting something extra in a respectable way. For products that a customer is likely going to need more than one of, a BOGO deal is an excellent choice.

2 – First-Time Purchaser Discount

Another deal that many customers view as legitimate and not from a discount brand is when you offer bigger deals to customers coming in for the first time. This can often be a compound discount over mediums like text messages or email. It’s a legit discount for your customers and works well for you because it could very well lead to long-term business from the customer in question making it well worth the trade-off.

3 – Exclusive Offers for Your Best Customers

Everyone loves to be recognized for loyalty and this is one way that you can do it for your most loyal customers. It also comes across as a high-quality discount that won’t hurt your brand. If you track your customer spending through a database you can keep track of the ones that spend consistently at whatever level you decide is worth it. Personalizing the message in some way and offering a decent discount will also help promote growth and maintain and even push forward your brand identity.

4 – Complimentary Item with Purchase

Offering a few items when you buy a particular product is also often viewed as a classy perk to customers. Some of the most respected brands in the market offer deals like this. It also works well as a marketing strategy because it helps to push your customers over the limit past their reservations if they were thinking about buying a particular item anyway. In other words, it helps them to justify their purchase to themselves if you make it an item that would appeal to the same type of demographic as who would like the original purchase item.

5 – Buy One Get a Discount

Another useful approach is to make it so a customer that purchases an item, such as a popular item, gets a certain discount in terms of a certain amount off or a certain percentage off. Again, this takes advantage of the fact that many customers want to purchase certain popular items anyway. That extra discount helps put them over the edge. It is also a commonly used discount on high-end brands of all kinds so it won’t damage the view of your brand in any way.

6 – Free Shipping

From whole computers to electronics, to large bags of dog food and a hundred more things, offering free shipping to large items is something that just about every respectable brand does on a regular basis. The considerations almost always work out in your favor when it comes to a big purchase over a certain amount. The last thing you want is for the shipping cost to be something that keeps people from making a big purchase in the first place. So, removing that barrier is a respectable way to help promote sales and growth for your big-ticket items. This is especially important given the current environment and how many people are making purchases from home more than they ever have before.

7 – Free Shipping Over a Certain Amount

Another excellent approach to make sure the discounts come out in your favor is to require a certain amount of purchases in order to justify the cost of offering free shipping. As long as you put this at a reasonable limit like $50 or so, it will work out in your favor. Free shipping is one of those things that customers love to get so that they feel like they aren’t just wasting money. You benefit significantly by getting more sales.

8 – Email Sharing Programs: Give a Discount Get a Discount

One respectable discount many big companies use is when you give them an email address of someone you know, and then you both get discounts in the mail. Sometimes they work if you both buy something, sometimes just giving the email is enough. You will want to scale the discount based on the amount of benefit you get out of it of course. If the action you want from the customer and their friend is lucrative enough, you can offer something strong in response. For example, many respectable companies offer significant cuts for those making purchases.

9 – Loyalty Programs

Programs where you get points for making purchases of products or services are everywhere among the top companies in the country. For example, airline miles are highly effective at getting people to purchase more tickets. It helps build real loyalty among your customers and also helps stop turnover. If a customer already has a certain number of points with you and your brand, then they are likely going to want to keep going until they get to whatever number you set for a reward of some kind.

Getting Started

Overall, there’s no reason why you can’t offer excellent discounts to your customers without having any trouble with your brand. Some of the best-regarded brands in the world use these sorts of discounts all the time without suffering any reduction in their image. The key is simply to make sure that you go with alternative discounts that are more respected by your customers.

For more information about how to do your marketing the right way, please don’t hesitate to reach out today. You can talk to an expert performance and growth strategist who will be able to guide you on the best methods of marketing for your specific company.

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