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How Bones Coffee Company Pulled Off a Blockbuster BFCM with ATTN

Message Marketing

Year Over Year Increase in Email Revenue During BFCM


Year Over Year Increase in Subscribers


Overhauling a Beloved Coffee Brand’s Email Strategy

Bones Coffee Company makes small-batch and single-origin coffees with memorable flavors and distinctive designs. Based in Florida, the company ships its beans and brews to customers around the world. It’s also known for officially licensed collaborations with fandom favorites like Tim Burton's “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and Marvel’s “Loki.” In this case study, you’ll see how ATTN helped Bones Coffee build a powerful email strategy that has enhanced engagement and delivered outstanding results.

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The challenge

Correcting Course and Capitalizing on Momentum

When ATTN began working with Bones Coffee in April 2022, the company was navigating email deliverability issues due to Gmail and Hotmail’s recent algorithm changes. During the first six months of the partnership, ATTN’s email team worked diligently to correct the deliverability issues and re-establish email as a productive marketing channel – as it had been. . Once accomplished, Bones’ email marketing efforts were trending in an extremely positive direction. Now, the aim turned to sustaining and maximizing this success for 2023. 

To do so, the team had to target each stage of the customer journey, driving new subscribers to make a purchase, converting first-time buyers into repeat purchasers, and fostering brand advocacy among loyal customers.

The solution

Reel In New Audiences, Then Segment and Message Strategically

ATTN’s paid social team ran a giveaway campaign early in the year to attract an influx of new subscribers, introducing the brand to a large swath of people who were previously unfamiliar with the brand. Email strategists then took the reins to activate and nurture these potential customers, using insights and testing to find effective messaging tactics. 

The team also applied granular segmentation to Bones Coffee’s overall subscriber list and spoke to each cohort differently based on its members’ purchasing behavior, engagement level, and brand knowledge.

Early planning ensured the brand was poised for success during the peak Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend with targeted communication strategies and expanded audience reach.

The results

Exceptional Growth During a Highly Competitive Period

Bones Coffee maintained an upward trajectory throughout 2023, with email revenue jumping 30% between Q1 and Q2. Updated abandonment flows, segmentation, and educational content all contributed to increased revenue, engagement, and subscriber growth.

These efforts paid off over Black Friday/Cyber Monday, driving a 35% surge in revenue and a 27% boost in subscribers year over year — substantial outcomes during such a heavily promotional season.

The success ultimately relied on effective teamwork and collaboration; across every channel, ATTN’s strategists were focused on the same goal of driving incremental revenue for Bones Coffee, supporting one another to set the company up for long-term growth.

Nikki Dickison
Message Marketing Strategist
Nikki Dickison
Message Marketing Strategist

“This year, we made a huge effort as a whole to raise the subscriber count before BFCM through each channel. The team worked as a whole and I believe this helped us succeed in our goals overall.”

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ROAS Achieved
Nearly $700K
Generated in Revenue from BFCM Winback Campaign
Year Over Year Increase in ROAS
Year Over Year Decrease in CPM
Increase in Overall Purchases
Year Over Year Increase in ROAS
Year Over Year Decrease in CPA
Increase in Conversion Value

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